11 Ways To Kiss Someone So They’ll Never Forget You

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What’s your favorite way to be kissed?

Lip-lockers across the world can rejoice, as July 6th is the official World Kissing Day. This annual holiday (also known as International Kissing Day) allows people to celebrate the many types of kisses shared between lovers and friends.

Whether you’ve got a special someone in your life or you’ll be spending the day with friends, there’s a way for everyone to join in on the festivities.

Give your partner a kiss to show your appreciation to have them in your life. Exchange hugs and kisses with beloved family members and friends. Or if you prefer, buy yourself a pack of Hershey Kisses and share it with the people you love (or keep it all to yourself!).

No matter how you choose to celebrate, here’s a look at some of the most popular ways to kiss someone, what they mean, and which zodiac signs prefer each type of kiss.

1. A Single-Lip Kiss

This is the classic kiss, where the two partners interlock their lips. It’s very up close and personal, so it’s most often reserved for significant others or spouses.

Who Loves It: Pisces, who is gentle and enjoys romantic situations; and Libra, who enjoys the classics of romance and longs for strong romantic connection.

2. A Kiss On The Cheek

The kiss on the cheek can take on different meanings depending on who it’s done with. It could be a sign of support among friends, a sweet hello to family from afar, a commitment to partnership, or a show of love from parents to their children.

Who Loves It: Taurus, who longs to show care and commitment to the important people in their life.

3. A Forehead Kiss

Like the cheek kiss, the forehead kiss signals supportiveness and commitment to someone. If your partner or friend is having a bad day, try giving them the forehead kiss to let them know you’re there for them.

Who Loves It: Cancer, who is often sympathetic and supportive to those they are close to.

4. A Hand Kiss

We’ve all seen it in old Hollywood movies: the dazzling dame holds out her hand for a suitor to plant his lips on. Society has come a long way since then, and people of any gender are welcome to give this one a try. It screams elegance and gracefulness, so if you’re looking for a more formal way to display your love, this is it.

Who Loves It: Leo, who thrives on displays of admiration from others.

5. Eskimo Kisses

It’s hard not to laugh while doing this one, where two people’s noses come together and shake back and forth, gently hitting one another as they go by. These can be playful and light for people who want to celebrate the holiday without getting too involved.

Who Loves It: Sagittarius, who always enjoys a good laugh and likes to keep their emotional distance.

6. The French Kiss

The French Kiss, like the single-lip kiss, is one of the most intimate forms of kissing on this list. Lips are locked and tongues go back and forth between both mouths. This one is almost exclusively used in romantic partnerships.

Who Loves It: Aries, who will be encouraged by their passion and impulsiveness.

7. The Spider-Man Kiss

If you need a refresher on what this one is, check out the 2002 scene in Spider-Man, where the title hero kisses Mary-Jane while hanging upside down.

This one is daring, so you might want to try recreating this while laying down as a safer option.

Who Loves It: Gemini, who is always ready to try something new and exciting.

8. Butterfly Kisses

Close, fast blinking is a hallmark of this type of kiss, where two people’s eyelashes flutter quickly past one another. If you’re up for it (and not too paranoid about getting an eyelash stuck in your eye), this one can be fun and playful. It’s a simple way to show someone you enjoy their company.

Who Loves It: Capricorn, who enjoys their independence yet wants a way to show loyalty and appreciation for close friends.

9. An Air Kiss

This kiss is a frequent ritual at family parties and other events for attendees say hello and goodbye to one another. The two participants hold their cheeks side by side while blowing a kiss into the air, then switch sides and repeat.

Who Loves It: Scorpio, who has a fondness for longtime friends.

10. Blowing Kisses

Put your hand up to your mouth, kiss it, and “throw” it toward the intended recipient. This is a great way to show admiration or appreciation for someone without invading their personal space.

Who Loves It: Aquarius, who is very independent and isn’t quick to express their emotions; and Virgo, who doesn’t like getting too close to others and can be shy at times.

11. A Chocolate Hershey’s Kiss

And now to my personal favorite: these foil-wrapped, teardrop-shaped goodies are a staple in the candy world. Who can resist one of these delectable chocolates?

Who Loves It: …who doesn’t?

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