6 Signs Your Husband Can’t Live Without You

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We all know how much husbands can end up troubling their wives. There are times when they can drive you nuts with their unusual whims, sometimes more than a toddler. But did you know that some of the whims husbands do are on purpose just to get the attention of their wives. If you are clueless about his latest whim, here are 6 signs that tell you that your husband cannot live without you:

1. Calls You Frequently

You may be in thick of things at home or at office, and your husband calls for some silly reason or the other. Despite discussing with him your regular routine several times, he’ll still call you at odd times, and may even chide you for missing his ‘important’ call, which could actually be sign to let you know that he’s missing you.

2. He’s Feels Lost Without You

He’s Feels Lost Without You

Despite knowing what goes with his formal attire, he’ll ask you to choose his tie for him every time. You may have clearly labeled everything in the drawer at home, yet he’ll never find that elusive file. For almost everything, from the cupboard keys, his wallet, to the amount of sugar in his tea, he seems entirely dependent on you. If this drives you crazy, know that your opinion really matters to him and he needs your undivided attention.

3. Being Overprotective About You

Being Overprotective About You

He may insist on holding your hand while crossing the road; will tell you the ‘right’ seat to choose while sitting at a restaurant; or keeps calling you if you are driving alone, even if it’s to place just a few kilometers away from home. You may end up quarrelling with him for not giving you enough space, but the fact is he’s worries too much for your safety.

4. Finds Excuses To Be With You

You both would have unanimously agreed to attend a relative’s wedding or would have planned an evening out with friends, and suddenly he’ll feign sickness. You may have had a tough week and may be in no mood to venture out on a weekend, yet, despite your protests, he’ll drag you out on the pretext of grocery shopping or for a long drive to refresh you. Similarly, he’ll cut a long face when guests coming calling just when he’s lazing around with you. All this simply means that he longs to have you around exclusively for himself and cherishes those precious moments he spends with you.

5. Sleeping With The Beauty!

Sleeping With The Beauty!

You both may have quarreled like cats and dogs through the day; sworn not to speak a word to each other following a disagreement; or worse, had dinner separately. Yet, at the end of the day, even though he may pretend to still be upset with you, he’ll call you to bed. The same way he does every day. The fact is, no matter how a day pans out, he needs your presence around to end it. Whether it’s your smile, the smell of your hair or just your funny, grumpy face, he knows it’s all for him. Reason enough for him to sleep peacefully.

6. Wishes To Grow Old With You!

Wishes To Grow Old With You!

Whether it’s the color of the car he’s planning to buy, the kind of partner he’d like to choose for his child or even quaint little location where he longs to retire to in future, everything is centered around how ‘we’ would do it. You’ll always be a part of his future plans as he can never imagine it without you.

If reading about this has brought a smile to your face already, know that your husband truly loves you. He may not be able to tell you this as number of times as you wish, but he’s sure to drop subtle hints such as these. So, next time he drives you up the wall, don’t be cross with him!

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